How to use this application

Creating your first note Video
Getting Started Basic Steps
  1. Register on the front page. You'll receive a confirmation email.
  2. Click on the "profile" button at the top right of your screen and navigate to your profile page. There you'll see a form on the left.
  3. Use the form to create your first note. Pick the genre or game you wish to make a note for, fill in the title and press the create button.
  4. After you press the create button you'll be redirected to the note edit form. Here you'll be able to fill in more details. After you are done editing the form press the save button.
  5. Next press the "create item" button on the right toolbar. This will redirect you to a form for creating a note item (a subnote of your parent note). Fill in the details and press save.
  6. Next press the view button at the top right. You'll be redirected to the view page. Here you can toggle between viewing your note data and the list of note items created for this note.
The note item description box

the note item description box has unique markdown for each type of note you are creating. It will add icons to your notes or will allow you to highlight special phrases in your notes to call a particular abilities that can be present in the game at that time. This will make it easy to read and determine information from the notes when viewing.

Genres and game overview

You can create a general note , a genre specific note or a game note. Genre note have added icons for the note items and inputs for the note section Game notes have icons and added inputs in the forms as well taking inputs from the genres they are under. You can see a list of the games we have unique forms for here list of games. Below is list of the genres and their unique form attributes

Also known as "Role Playing" games. These games boast a large variety skills for the player to choose from and the ability to personalize through combinations of these skills.
note attributes: characters, style, skills, attributes, play style
note item attributes: level , items , abilities
Also known as "Real Time Strategy" games. In these games the player must both execute smart economy/resource management (macro) and skilled soldier/war tactics (micro). Despite the name you might see some games under the RTS genre that are not "real time". Here "real time" is more of technical detail and is a minor aspect in strategy creation.
note attributes: race, map
note item attributes: time, worker supply , army supply
The keys to a fighting game are execution and reaction. Fighting games force players to compete in a enclose environment with full vision of the opponents location and abilities at all times. The focus for fighting games is the ability to adapt and maintain a safe position for your avatar while setting up your own opportunity for offense.
note attributes: lp, mp, hp, lk, mk, hk (notes on character's normals)
note item attributes: position (full screen , half screen, corner ... etc)