Fallout 4

Fallout 4 did a few things really good. The combat is much improved from that of Fallout 3. The customization is great in building weapons, armor, and structures. The world is really well built and throughout. If you have a chance to visit Boston you'll appreciate just how close it is to what they created in Fallout 4.

In terms of the classic open world RPG genre Fallout 4 diverted away from the norm. The protagonist is anything but silent. The players back story is flushed out. The world is some what of a influencing force on the player that forces the player to portray strong feelings about a particular subject. This can be seen when you are introduced to the Railroad and Desdemona asks the player about their ability to sacrifice themselves for a synth. Not only the question which is understandable coming from the character of Desdemona but also the choice of responses are very clear cut. This cant make it difficult to customize your characters personality within the environment and in some cases it just seems stupid that a character that you are building would say any of the options that are given. In these cases I just ignore the speech check and decide to by my own dialogue in.

This aside the action and character customization is very entertaining and the story and personality themes they laid out for the player are fun to play through.

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