Playing video games is fun and we are usually having more fun when we are performing at our best. Performing at our best is a constant challenge weather it is dealing with new strategies from other players or redefining our approach to a game and how that changes our play.

There is never just one way to play any game and having a grasp on all the possible strategies to any game be a challenge in itself even before we try to practice the execution.

This site is designed to catalyze the process of creating and refining a strategy for any game. You can save it and go back later when you need to update the strategy or refresh your memory on details you have not practiced in a while. Use BoostedMeta to sharpen the execution of your strategy, commanding it at the twitch of a button.

We want to support high level play by giving a hub and a common language to record and learn strategies. We do this by tailoring our note creation forms to a variety of games and if we dont have a form for the game you can fall back to the form for the genre the game is in. If we dont have a form for that rare fighting game you like , you can create a general fighting game note. We will be adding more genre types and game forms so check back later if you dont happen to see the genre or game you want make a note for currently.

Using the tool is easy. Just register and on your profile page you will have the option to create a note. Your note can be tailored to a specific game meta or can just be a general note if you have a unique, personal way of recording your strategy. Each note also has a list or note items for further detailing in how your strategy is executed. Once recorded you can update it when ever you have more specific details on when it works and doesn't work. You can also search through the database of strategies created by other users and find one that works for you then tailor it to your play style. We hope BoostedMeta makes you the best hardcore gamer you can be.

Good luck, game on!